Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doodles and a butterfly

I really liked this week Spoonflower contest. The theme is “black and White” and you know how much I love drawing in black and white, right?
Well… I couldn’t help and I made some doodle/flowers for the contest. This is my submission.


I really like this pattern. I’m not sure if works perfectly for fabric but you can bet I’ll use it for other stuff like iPhone cases ;) I’m planning to color a little bit the pattern and sell it as fabrics but also in skins for laptops and phones because I think will be cool ;)
I would love to ask you to vote for my design, but I think this contest is a little bit overwhelming. Tons and tons of entries and because all the designs are black and white I found difficult to find a specific design, make sense? You can click here and check the contest. And of course, if you find my fabric, you can vote for it. Thanks in advance!

Ok. And now about the Butterfly!
Today I have this cute little Butterfly for sale here in my blog.
I painted this Butterfly in a 6x6 (1.5 deep) canvas.


The Butterfly
$55 + 10 shipping

Happy Thursday!

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