Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Today was a good day ;) After a week setting up my studio, I finally got time to do some little work. These prints are ready in my shop!

And this weekend is going to be good!. Hopefully, I will:
- Visit the Coconut Grove Art Festival
- A little trip to IKEA
Find my way between all the boxes in out new place
Indulge myself with some donuts or cupcakes

Happy Weekend!J


aimee said...

that sounds like a great weekend to me! i saw your article in artful blogging yesterday and it's fabulous!! they chose beautiful pieces and your writing is terrific!

happy valentine's day, sweets!

translucentblue said...

Hello Valentina! I've been away for a while, so first of all: Happy birthdaaaayyyy...!!! I can see you've been very busy and like I've said before, you truly are the most creative and productive blogger I know! Congrats on all the great things that happened in your life... Bigs hugs from where I am. oxx

tiffany said...

These are so lovely!! I adore them both!

Yoli said...

Valentina que bello todo tu arte!