Monday, October 6, 2008


I had a great weekend! I spent all Saturday in Stitch Rock and honestly that shows was great! I met a lot of nice people and PLUS I did a great trading with Jenipher, and look the super duper cute necklace I got! Thanks Jenipher ;)

So far today have been great… I got my Moo Stickers in the mail. Look how cute they look!!! Now I have to figurate out what I’m going to do with these stickers.

I have the feeling this week is going to be really productive. Last night I stayed up till 3 am drawing and painting and I start this drawing and I think is going to be cool because I’m going to add some 3D parts. We will see.

And before I left I have to send HUGE Thanks to:
- Vanillabeanbakeshop, for featuring my calendars here. I have to buy her Pecan Brownies!
- Big thanks to Jessica for mentioning my prints in her blog. I love her work!
- And today I’m on Cuteable.. That is cute :) Thanks!!
OK. Time to design and send to print the Holidays cards.
See you soon! ;)


Swirlyarts said...

You are welcome!! Thanks for mentioning Cuteable :)

Teresa said...

Yay for stickers! :)

I should make stickers for my shop too! Those are really nice. The moo stuff are really cute!