Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Your remember the design I made to print a fabric??
OMG! I just got the fabric… is sooo beautiful! Now I wish I can make a skirt. *LOVE* Spoonflower !


Teresa said...

That's sooo cool!

Thank you for visiting my blog, Valentina! Your blog is really lovely!

Jennifer said...

that would make an awesome skirt! what fun fabric!

Cherry Runway said...

Hey Valentina!

This fabric is AWESOME!!! Once you make your skirt, post images! :) Glad to hear things are well. Check your Etsy, i just ordered my favorite print.

Happy Tuesday!

Jenipher @ Cherry Runway

Katy said...

That's Awesome, so nice and bright, the quality of the print is so sharp! How exciting, you should make more and i would buy some!

Brienne said...

AMAZING! I love it! :D

kim said...

That's exactly what Danielle and I were thinking when we saw this fabric printed up! It really is a fantastic border print.