Thursday, October 2, 2008

3 different things

1.- I needed some little stickers with my logo to use in my packing. I couldn’t find anything I liked and on my budget ;) And I got the *BRILLANT* idea to order “return address labels” with my logo in VistaPrint. PERFECT. And plus when I was buying the labels I saw the Sticky Notes, the best way to make my little Thanks Notes! Now I send this little-cute Thanks Package in each order. ;)
2.- I’m getting ready to be in StitchRock this Saturday. I was looking for ideas to create a nice display to put in my table and couldn’t find anything I really liked. I wanted to do something with wood but that will be heavy. Finally I have other *BRILLANT* idea! I found some inexpensive canvas on Michales (canvas 16x20-->3.99!) and I got 3. With the canvas and 4 simples hinges I did this perfect display last night, and now I just need some paint and TADAAAA… a perfect display for my prints! (I’ll take a picture during the show)
3.- I got my hair cut the other day… And also I get a little bit of color ;) Now I’m so happy because I feel my orange crocs are going to match perfectly with my hair :)

OK. Now time to work more.
See you soon! ;)


Katy said...

Hi, there, i love you designs and bought 2 a few weeks ago, i loved the little postcard and post it note i got too. You're very talents, congrats. Awesome idea with the canvas backdrop too..!

Brienne said...

You are too cute. :) I love that you are into orange just as much as I am. It's an underrated color. The hair rocks! :D

~Valentina~ said...

Orange Rocks! :) thank you Brienne!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

I think that's a new one...matching hair to shoes. :)