Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Here in Miami...

Back in Town. Is pretty grey and a lot of rain here right now but NO WORRIES because this land (and my plants!) need some water to survive Miami’ Summer.
What happens and what is going on
1.- My vacation time was FANTASTIC :) I have a beautiful red-brown tan right now ;)
2.- I went to Wrightsville Beach, North Caroline. As soon I got my handy map I realize Myrtle Beach is in South Caroline :P Ops!
3.- We stopped in Savannah, Georgia (BEATIFUL) and spent one night in Tybee Island. Good drinks ;)
4.- We went to the Fort Pulaski (and my Dad should feel proud of me)

5.- We went sailing last weekend here in Miami. As you can see the day was GREY.

6.- I have been working in some new prints and original drawings for my shop.
I have some original drawings ready but due the weather I don’t have proofs for you right now ;) For now you just can enjoy the prints!

My (short) vacations was a good time to think about what I want to do and how to focus in my new projects but unfortunately I came back and I feel my head blur again. I don’t like this feeling but I guess is for the weather (yeahh right...). I have million of new ideas and projects to design and develop and I just have to find the way to concentrate and organize myself. Easy to say, right???
I was checking Jenn Ski’s blog (I *LOVE* her work) and I found this post. Maybe I should do something like that because I’m getting mad at myself for don’t complete/follow my projects.

As soon I find the best way to stop wasting time and work in my projects I *PROMISE* I’ll give you the magic recipe:)
Off to work in some collages and to watch Project Runway.. YUPIIIIIII!!!
See you soon ;)

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