Thursday, July 17, 2008

Non-typical day

I’m a really positive-good mood girl. REALLY. I can handle a lot of things and I was thinking I developed a huge patience in the last 5 years. BIG LIE. Today I have been really grumpy and in the worst mood. Unfortunately I realize I enjoy my time ALONE at home working during the day. I enjoy the possibility to don’t have noise around, in that way I can hear my thoughts :P. I get used to my own rituals and perfect quiet life style (until the boy comes home after work).
Today the noise around me was unbelievable. People, phone calls, the guy cutting the grass, TV way to loud…
I have (again) to practice breathing techniques to chill out and don’t go crazy when you have unexpected visitors at home and people whom don’t respect your space and life AT ALL.
So.. the case is I’m not the most productive-creative girl under stressful situations and I’m falling with my deadlines again. I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday and I couldn’t accomplish one of my biggest projects!
I guess this girl will spend the weekend designing and working ;)
At least today I had a little clarity in some point of the day and had the chances to add 2 new prints to my shop!
Tomorrow, George (the landscaping guy) is not coming. GREAT.
Tomorrow I will turn off my phone.
Tomorrow I’ll lock myself in my bedroom with my art supplies and don’t pay attention to the visitors :P
Tomorrow is going to be GOOD.

See you soon! :)


paula :: plays with mud said...

I am so hearting that tree with the owls in it ...

~Valentina~ said...

Thank you Paula!!!
Cute little owls... ;)

Dada's place said...

Hi Valentina,
I've just discovered your blog, and really like your work. It's simple and interesting. Very nice. :)
Best weshes,

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks Dragana!
I love your illustrations.. really cute!!