Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting ready!

Hello you! here a little about my beautiful life:
1.- I’m going out of the town for vacations.. YUPIIIIIII… I don’t remember when was the last time I took really vacations. Hmmm… no true, I took vacations in February 2007! I met with my parents in San Francisco and drove down to Los Angeles. We spent like 10 days together. My parents are GREAT. I can’t believe they had the patience to handle with me 10 days!.
My parents in Sonoma Valley

OK. Next Thursday I’m going to North Caroline (don’t ask me exactly where because I don’t have idea!) And spent almost a week in the beach with my bf family. I’M SOOOOO HAPPY about this trip. Can’t wait!

2.- I guess I should start to updates my profile picture because this girl have short hair again! LOVE IT. Perfect for this *fantastic* weather in Miami.
YES, I know these pictures are bad… I’ll take better ones in the beach!!

3.- I’m one of the Artist in the Pikaland July Project:) I’m really happy! Check the site and feel inspired with all those artists!

4.- I have been painting and drawing like crazy last week, but I think I’ll update my Etsy after my vacations. I added 3 new drawings last week, and hopefully after my trip I’ll show a lot more!

And that is all for now :)
See you later!!


paula :: plays with mud said...

cute hair cut!! where in NC (I know you said not to ask!) we have some great beaches here!! have fun!

~Valentina~ said...

Hi Paula! I feel like a little boy with this hair cut :) I THINK we’re going to Myrtle Beach.
BTW Super Congrats for your Latest Project!!!