Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back on Track

This week have been a crazy roller coaster of emotions. I have been neglecting my work and art. I have been feeling down and without energy. BUT today I decide I CANT do this to myself. So, today I’m back to my *normal*happy*girl mood ;)
Here the things I’m going to do and back on track SOON:
1.- Work in the loooong list of pending jobs for my clients. Hopefully if I push myself really hard in a couple of days I can have all ready.
2.- I have to create something everyday and posted here. And “something” means: drawing, painting or collage.
3.- Learn Zen Cart OR finally contract somebody to do my shopping cart!
4.- Work every day at least half hour in my “journals” project.

Apart of all these things I’ll star next week a new course. I can’t explain how happy I’m for this. I KNOW is something I need right now.
Ok. Now is time to work in my creation of the day.
Here just a little picture of one of my works in progress.

See you soon!

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