Thursday, September 15, 2011

One drawing, different products

I usually spent a lot of time in each one of my drawings. For that reason I'm always looking for the best way to optimize my time and use each creations in different mediums and products. And it's fun because you have ONE drawing and you have to think how and what you can change to use and reuse (it's this the correct word?) that image. Usually my brain is always spinning thinking in what else I can do ;)
Do you want to see how many things I do with one drawing?

OK. Here we go...

First, everything star with my dear pen and a piece of paper. I usually use water color paper to make my original drawing, but sometimes I just use whatever I found here on my table.

Feather Heaven

After that, I scan the drawing and with TONS of patience I add the color using illustrator (after I vectorized the scanned image).
When the image is ready with the colors, Mr. Harper pick the name. And with that I made:

1.- Prints, t-shirt, iphone and laptops skins on my Society6 shop

Feather Heaven

2.- Super cool Duvet Cover (Andrew and I gave this one to my mother in law for her birthday... she love it!).


Feather Heaven Duvet

3.- The same drawing in black and white can look awesome in Shower Curtains (and other things, right?)


4.- And if I take out the flowers and other details, and only use "The Bird", I have other artwork!


5.- You can crop part of your drawing. And using other color scheme, create a totally new image.


6.- And last but no least, I create a pattern with the drawing to be use in last week Spoonflower contsest ;)

Feather Heaven

One drawing... many options ;)

I will go and check all my old drawings and see how I can reuse it to create new things. It's fun... GO and do the same ;) You don't think it's a good idea?

Happy Thursday!


Dalyce said...

Thanks Valentina for the inspiration and information. This is awesome. I was just telling my husband the same thing about how to maximize ONE image to be able to make the most of time. I love this and you just helped show me that this is the best way to go about things. Love your stuff, can't wait for more inspiration!


lauGh said...

De verdad creeme cuando te digo, que te estas convirtiendo en mi idolo! me encantanta como dibujas, que detalle!! como me gustaría saber tanto yo tambien... desde que descubrí tu trabajo me han vuelto las ganas de aprender y probar cosas! tengo un montón de materiales y pinturas diferentes guardadas... que ya han vuelto a ver la luz! eres toda inspiración, gracias por compartir todo lo que haces, es magnífico! :)

Un abrazo :)

Tamara Henderson said...

Your work is so beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

I have just recently started creating zangtanagles and this bird is do detailed and when you colored it then turned it into a piece of art on that bedspread I was in amazement! The shower curtin rocks too. What company did you go thru to get your pattern on these 2 pieces? Your creativity is so inspiring!

Liange Araujo said...

eu amo teu trabalho!

Vanessa Goertzen said...


I have admired your artwork for a long time (discovered it on Etsy a year ago) and just think your work is tremendous. I'm dying over the shower curtain.

When I first saw your artwork, I thought it would make really great fabric! I'm very happy to see that you've finally done it!



Jenipher Lyn said...

This is super cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

Katiedid said...

Loving the duvet cover! Beautiful design.