Thursday, September 22, 2011

More fabrics... More pillow covers...

Remember the Pillow Covers I showed you in the last post? Well, again, I really think the quality is awesome and I think the price and the shipping is pretty fair, BUT people sometimes feel a little bit intimidated because the prices are in Euros. To fix that little "problem" I was thinking in make and sell my own pillow cases in my Etsy shop. That was a great plan, until I realize I don't have an idea how to sew :P And yes, of course I can learn, but seriously? Do I really need one more project on my table?

Well, after a little brainstorm, I decided to sell fabrics with my original designs in 18x18 square size. Soooo... now you can get a square piece of my fabric, and you can make your own pillow cover! And of course, you can use the fabric for whatever you want...Hair accessories, button covers, quilting, fabric flowers, bags, collages and more!



You can see all the designs in my Etsy shop.

Hope you like my idea!

Happy Thursday :)

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Victoria Bolton said...

Do you have any fabric of that beautiful blue fish print? If it was in your Etsy shop, I would buy it!