Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prints on canvas

I have been doing a serious research to find the best way to offer my prints on canvas. I have been looking for prices, sizes, materials, etc. One day I found a place with really fair prices and I ordered a couple of my designs to see the quality. I was really happy with the print, but the problem was in the stretched frame… I mean the wood wasn’t bad (well… wasn’t perfect either!) The problem was I had to stretch and mount the canvas. And I didn’t have idea how to do that ;S Yes, guilty… I’m an artist and I never stretched a canvas before. Well, I gave those pretty prints a try. Wasn’t difficult, but I wanted the canvas to be super duper perfect! I guess with practice I will “achieve” perfection (yeahhh right)

What you think?

Aaron 8x8

Ganesh 12x8

the elephant 12x8

mr pavoreal 12x8

sitting buddha 8x8

I already posted these canvases on my shop ;)

Happy Thursday!


Lisa said...

Looks good to me

Stephanie said...

Hey! I think you are doing a great job.

It is really difficult to stretch a canvas that is already printed on/primed without tearing it or having it sag.

Your's look great!

SooZeQue said...

They look great to me. I see lots that start to sag, but I don't know why or if it's an "over time" issue. Love how detailed you can get your beautiful art.

Lorrie said...

Hi there Valentina..

I think you did a great job, particularly as you were stretching a canvas that already had a design on it and could easily have been damaged in the process. I have stretched canvas to paint on and keeping the tension tight is very hard. It's good if you can fold the corners though in a diagonal (fraying). I imgagine they will be snapped up from your shop. Well done, they look gorgeous.

p.s. Hope the thumb is getting better.

Lorrie x

Christine E-E said...

lovely canvases... how's the thumb?

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks for the comments!
BTW... the thumb is looking AWESOME! I feel so much better and finally I can draw again :) Yeahhhh!
Thanks again ;)

Heather said...

love, love, LOVE the peacock!

Sherilann said...

I love your work. Can you pass on your expertise and tell us what company you are using to put your prints on canvas?