Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Thanks for the comments regarding my nest head, sorry I mean my hair ;)
BTW, Mr. Harper didn't ask me to grow my hair, he just said he haven't see me with long hair, for that reason I decided to grow it just to show him why short hair rocks ;)

Ok... and talking about nest hair, guess what? I painted ANOTHER bird! Soo original, right?
Well, this is the deal. I feel I have been a little bit slow in the last month creation new artwork on canvas. I love paint, but sometimes I have other projects around and I don't have time to play with my paints and canvases. Some people maybe think I lost my "mojo" because I haven't create much in the past months, but it's no true. I have been working a lot in other things like more art for my licensing representative and commission work. But because I haven't made anything on canvas in long time, my hand and mind need to warmup. And instead of waiting for my mind to decide what I wanted to paint, I just took the easy way and painted something familiar. And thanks to that I start feeling the creativity coming back.
Love it ;)

And here the pictures of Bravebird...
You liked? I made it with acrylic and ink on canvas 8x10

Bravebird _2

Bravebird details


Melissa I. said...

This is lovely.

Don't forget you also injured your thumb so you had to take a little hiatus!

You won't lose your mojo - it's part of you.

Lorrie said...

Wow, Valentina...this is fabulous girl, well done. top quality work.

Btw, when are those gorgeous notebooks I spoted on a previous journal entry going to appear in your shop then????

Lorrie x

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks girls!
Melissa, yes, you are right!I injured your thumb, that was 2 weeks without being totally available to work :)

Lorrie, those are 2012 planners :) I will post about it next week.

Lorrie said...

Oohhh, 2010 Planners...can't wait to see. I am currently making some small moleskin cahier sized notebooks, which at some point I will list in my shop. I think though...I have too many projects on the go!!

Edilma aprendiz said...

gamei nesta obra... muito lindo...