Monday, January 17, 2011

The winner and 2 other things...

Thank you so much for all the wonderfull wishes and for celebrating with me during the weekend. I really enjoyed reading everybody’s weekend plans. A lot of fun out there!
My birthday was fun! I had nice dinner at home. Super nice :)
The rest of the weekend was productive but I didn’t have time to paint (bummer!) BUT I’ll be painting a lot in the next weeks.
OK. And now the calendar winner! I used the random number generator and the winner was the number 6...


Mandie!! You are the winner :) Sent me your mailing address and the calendar is going to be traveling to your new apartment this week!.
Thanks again to everybody for playing along with me.

I want to share with you 2 new little things.

First… I got a little Spoonflower envelope in the mail on Friday. My “Lila” swatches are here and now you can get the fabrics at my Spoonflower shop. Super!

Fabric collection Lila

And Second… I didn’t paint last weekend because I was doing a couples of other things like designing my sister’s new blog ;)


If you know Spanish, read her blog. That girl is a guru on exercise, diet and gossips ;)
You like the design??

Happy Monday!!


Catherine said...

Yeah Mandie...lucky you.
Very nice gesture Valentina!
I hope that you had fun. You Sister's blog is awesome.


mandiegirl said...

So exciting! Thanks Valentina!! my email is mandiesegura(at)gmail(dot)com!