Thursday, January 13, 2011

This week...

1.- I made prints with some of the Birds I created for my 2011 Calendar. You can find the prints in my etsy shop and in my Society 6 shop ;)

9 little birds

2.- I uploaded more cases designs in my Uncommon shop.

New iPhone cases designs

3.- I made some "love" prints. I'm not into Valentine's day at all, but I client wanted some prints... so I made some prints!

Love prints

4.- I hung my “4 friends” in the living room. I love love that cow :)

4 amigos

5.- I have been thinking and thinking and thinking how I can make more interesting, easy to work and educational coloring prints for kids. Maybe the next week I can have a better/clear idea...All suggestion are super welcome! ;)

6.- Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm usually never worry about the getting old thing because I feel pretty young (INSIDE) but I'll be 38 tomorrow... and that sounds weird!. I guess I'll celebrate big time and I'll eat a whole cake and I'll have a present for you tomorrow or during the weekend... Come back, ok?

See you soon!


mandiegirl said...

I love the cow, too!!

painted fish studio said...

happy birthday (early)! i hope tomorrow is a great day.

Karens Hopes said...

Goodness I love your work, my blog at the moment is in the doldrums but I am beginning to feel a bit more inspired and have even dug my paints back out. I have enjoyed visiting and would love to call again.

Dawn J. said...

Oh, just wait until your 40s - it's sooooo great!! I'm 43 and don't feel the least bit old, I love my 40s. I'm more together and happy and comfortable with myself than I've ever been. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at 41 who is the light of my life. Salud to turning 38, so many exciting things to come!

Morgan G said...

Valentina! I just discovered your blog. What a wonderful talent you are! I haven't ever had a desire to own an iPhone until I saw those covers!

Laguna Dirtw said...

i featured you on my blog!