Monday, May 18, 2009

Productive weekend

I accomplish some good things this weekend:

1.- I finished 2 of my 10 x 10 “Traveling” mixed media.

Egypt 01

Egypt 02

london 01

2.- Worked and upload to sets of Digital Paper Packs in my Etsy Shop

Digital Paper Pack 02

Digital Paper Pack 01

3.- Designed and printed some marketing material to promote my prints and original drawings.

I’m so happy and now I’m super ready for a AWESOME productive week!
Hope you had a great weekend too :)


michelle allen said...

LOVE your new brochure! Just beautiful.

Also love this new work you're doing. Keep those creative juices flowing : )

aimee said...

the brochures are fabulous - they represent your art perfectly! thanks for the reminder - i keep meaning to have brochures printed and that task keeps falling to the bottom of the list!

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks girls :)

paula :: plays with mud said...

good golly girl - you are so talented!