Friday, May 15, 2009


This was the first thing I thought as soon I saw Aimee’s post :)

I guess if I live, act and breath as the person I want to be, someday no really far I’m going to be that person, right?

I'll post more of my digital papers a little bit later... 2 post in one day... A really weird thing and I swear I'm not faking it!


aimee said...

LOVE IT!!! and clearly i haven't made it, since i'm still faking it. just updated my post with the link to your beautiful fake! :)

Carmen said...

This is great! Made me smile!

FruensWerk2 said...

This is it :))))

vanessa aka Nessie Noodle said...

this just makes me smile, and I think in faking it you might just have made it.

lovely work as always Valentina.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

that's the way?

Ok - I should fake it then and not believe in honesty. This must be the reason why I'm not getting anywhere!

Nancy Tobin said...

I love how you combine your hype-intricate pen work with the simple phrases and quotes.
Always gives me a boost of inspiration!