Monday, April 16, 2012

My artwork in Venezuela

Remember I had 2 art festivals in February and March? (and I think I haven show you the pictures about the shows!). Well, my sister Clementina came from Venezuela to visit me in perfect timming to help me with the shows ;). I'm SOOOO HAPPY she came because I was like 14-16 weeks pregnant and I really needed her help!.
After a couple of weeks working with me in my little studio and in the shows, she decide all that work was A LOT of fun, and wanted to sell my artwork in Venezuela!. So, now, when she is not writing fitness and diet articles (she writes for her own blog and also for other blogs, because she is a rock star!) or training people, she is looking for venues to sell my art. I'm telling you, she is a rock star ;)
Last weekend she had her first bazaar representing Valentina's Prints. I think my sister and brother in law made an amazing work! Look all the cool things they made:

Valentina's Prints in Venezuela

They have prints, mugs, wooden boxes, pillow cases, iPhone covers...
Love it :)

Now you can like Valentina's prints on Facebook. And if you are looking for amazing tips on diet, exercises, fitness and more, you have to check my sister's blog and like her Facebook page, No te lo comas.


Jodi Ulschmid said...

What an awesome sister you have to help sell your work! So sweet and the pics of your work look fantastic! Congrats on the big news of expecting too! So exciting! :)

Virginia said...

So sweet! Have I missed baby news?