Monday, March 26, 2012

the 100 faces of Arabella

Sometimes I get obsess in love with a drawing. And I draw it like million times in different ways.
For example. One day, I saw a cute little cow and I decided to make a canvas with that face.
First, I painted the cow with acrylic on a 10x10 canvas.


I added ink and Arabella was born!


I love her soooo much and I wanted to make a print, but because she was painted on the canvas (color ready, etc) I could scanned to create a print.
Sooo... I draw it again on water color paper and after that I scanned and added the color on illustrator. And I made a print for my Etsy shop.


I loved the blue background. I really liked but I felt she needed more color. I decide to take the original drawing and star adding some funky "my style" flowers.

arabella ink

After finished all the flowers, I scanned again and colored again and now Arabella is super happy living within flowers ;)

Arabella Print

What do you think is better, the plain blue background or the funky flowers?


Emma said...

I love the plain blue - she stands out more!

Anonymous said...

It's 2 really different pictures.
The blue is a more clean look and here you see Arabella - sooo cute.
With the flowers Arabella is more in the background, but you can see in her eyes, how she just loooves to be on a field full of flowers.
For picture on the wall I would chose the blue one and for the bed or showercurtin I would chose Arabella in the field of flowers.
Thanks for showing us your process.
;-) Tine

Laurie Miller said...

I love Arabella all ways - but I have to say - I do love the version with the flowers. Although on the blue background, it looks like she is looking right into your soul. Oh dear . . .I guess I can't decide. I love them all!

Anonymous said...

I love both, but in the plain blue background Arabella stands out more; if you try to leave the flowers on the background in black and white and add colour to Arabella?

PURA said...

They both are beautiful -how about adding color to Arabella?
Greetings from Spain.