Tuesday, December 6, 2011

studio sneak peek

Are you thinking I'm going to show you here a picture of what I'm working on my studio right now?
Well... NO. Indeed, I'm going to show the STATE of my studio right now. I have NO SHAME.


It's really bad... I mean it... REALLY BAD. The worst part in my closet supplies. It's a jungle!
Why I'm showing you these pictures? Well, again, because I don't have shame... kidding (well, a little). I decided it;s time to put things in order here. I know it's the worst time to tackle this kind of project, but honestly, maybe it's the best time to do it. We are in the middle of the Chritsmas season, and this girl here have to start working (fast, really fast) on some presents. I'm pretty sure, in some little corner in the closet I can find some missing treasures, or some cool supplies I totally forgot I have, or some half done artwork. All those things will make AWESOME Christmas presents! Right?
And stay tune, because I bet you I will find some cool things like decal skins, fabrics, papers, and other treasures to share with you.
I can see a lot of crafting projects in my near future...
Happy Tuesday!

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