Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Me and my pets

First, THANK YOU so much for all the supporting and encouraging comments in my last post. You don’t have idea how much your words mean to me. THANK YOU! I have been learning I’m not a super duper star and not everybody will love my designs or the things I do. I really know and understand that… but still its’ hard when you REALLY like something and you don’t get the response you want, and that is life ;)
Again… THANKS! You made my day :)

OK. Now it’s time to show you more of my pet drawings obsession. I guess soon I’ll(and you will) get tired of me painting animals and I’ll switch to other subject (indeed I’m already drawings something different, but that is for other post!).
Look what I did… a little bunny! My brother decided the name is Danielle.

Hello little bunny

And because I have getting request for some custom orders of my little pets, I’m listing new “Kids Inspired art décor prints”. These 6 designs will be in my shop at the end of the day.

Custom perosnalized prints

Happy Wednesday

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rachel awes said...

love them all!
i'd especially like to
cozy up to mia
this morning!!!
lots of love to you!