Thursday, July 22, 2010


This August my work is going to be in Printsource!! Yeahhhh :) I’m part of the designers team at Pink Light Design, and Mary Beth is going to have our collections in the show. I’m super happy for being part of Pink Light Design .

Here a sneak pick of my collections, crossing my fingers they do well there ;)

Ok. Now that my work for Printsource is done, I have time to play with other things. During the month of August I will participate in the
"Creative Color Challenge!" hosted by wonderful Louise Gale AND because I need more spices in this hot summer I’ll have a “ Spicing Summer” month!

During all August, I’ll have weekly giveaways, freebies, and specials offers! every Wednesday (starting on August 4) I’ll have something fun and special for you ;)


Rebekah Leigh said...

Wow valentina you work so hard. Well done lady!

chrissy said...

valentina...GOOD LUCK!
i love your work and know that others will too!.
i am participating in louise.s challenge as well...should be fun.
happy day.

Louise Gale said...

Woohoo, I'm so excited you are joining my challenge, I cant wait! Going to be a lot of fun. AND I'm so so so excited for you to be in Printsource. Does that mean you will come to NYC? If you do, we HAVE to meetup. :-) ooh cant wait for your giveaways too. YAY! Xx

Tyggereye said...

So pretty! I love the birdie. Your colors are gorgeous. Giveaways! Woo hoo. Lovely :)