Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The virtue of patience

This week has been really productive! 3 days, 3 posts… that is amazing ;)

Right now my head is spinning with tons of ideas and projects I want to tackle and at the same time I’m kind of upset because I can’t do or finish everything at the same time. OF COURSE I can’t do everything at the same time… and I know that, but my brain doesn’t have patience. My brain is working faster than my hand and that it’s not good. One of the virtue I don’t have is Patience, and I really want to cultivate quality on my. I always want everything right now. I want fix things immediately, and life doesn’t work on that way, right? I have to be patient. I have to be patient. I have to be patient. Yes.. I have to repeat that like a mantra ;) And also, I create these prints as a personal reminder.
Good things will happen, you just have to be patient and work hard ;)
In case you are like me and you need a daily reminder, both of these prints are in my shop.


And thanks to my daily reminders, and tons of deep breathing, I finished these to drawings!

Sunflower - Details

My husband was a little bit shock of the lack of my typical bright colors, but I really like how they look!
Both are on canvas 8 x10.

How is you week going?


mandiegirl said...

They are LOVELY! :)

Marthann's Musings said...

Your work is amazing. I just love it. Such detail and movement.
Great job.

Rebekah Leigh said...

I think in exactly the same way! Its awful! Need to have patience your right! Loving your new art work, it's good to change things around a bit, keeps it fresh!

aimee said...

Your work looks just as great with the muted colors as the brights! These almost look like shiny piles of coins!

Leaves and Feathers said...

"Good things come to those who wait", my mom used to always say this when I was little, but I don't think I really got it until I was older! Beautiful sun and roses, do you prime the canvas before working on it? Since I have never used the pens that you use, I look at your work and am transfixed and mystified by the it!

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks! :)
Faith, I didnt use primer on those canvas, I just use sand paper to create a smooth surface ;)

rachel awes said...

patience is difficult for me too!
it is challenging when our minds go faster than our hands! oh, to trust in the process, all in good time...those are some of my mantras as well!
LOVE your ongoing work & the affirmations in them. love them in all your colors. & circles. & swirls.
loving chirps. xo

Jill said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. I would love to know how long does it take you to do one of these pieces?

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

You read my mind, Valentina! I've been so impatient lately, wanting to get everything done and in my rush, other things have fallen apart. My blog is on the blink for Firefox users and I'm losing my mind wanting it to get fixed! But I know that the more patient I am, the easier a solution will actually come.

These new pieces are AMAZING and SO RICH! I think it must take so much patience to focus on every tiny detail the way you do. Hugs!

charles said...

excellent illustration

charles said...

i get all the posts that lower i value all it that do is a pleasure read you every day

Amelia said...

you sound sooooo like me! I have ideas faster than I can gain output on them. I often wish for more time!

I love your work here too :)


Ps I am working always on patience ;)