Friday, October 9, 2009

Time to change

I decide it’s time to do some changes in my life (again!). I like changes… Changes make me set new goals and keep my head on track. Last weeks have been pretty busy working but not working in what I love. My dream is to be a fulltime artist. Sometimes I feel so close to my dream and sometimes I feel really far away. Yesterday, I woke up with a new determination. If I want to follow my dream, I have to focus and don’t let external factors mess up with my “master plan” J It’s not a easy path, but is the path I decide to follow and I feel pretty confident right now.

And I’m telling you all this just to explain a little bit the changes I’m doing here in my blog!. I want to keep things easy to find. Now in the right side of the blog, you will find the direct links to sign up for my newsletter (I’ll send the newsletter next week!), the kids inspired prints, the digital files and the new 2010 calendars (coming soon!).

Tons of changes and new plans are coming soon. A lot of new things… a lot of great things.

In other news, between changing and planning I found the time to finish all my “Traveling Digital Collage” prints! I’ll start posting the prints in my shop this weekend, and also, I will post the original canvas in my shop too!

Hope you have a great weekend J


Ash H. said...

This set is truly brilliant!

~Valentina~ said...

Thanks Ash :)

Anairam said...

You have been amazingly busy and productive, Valentina. The changes on your blog all look great! I was surprised to read that you are not a full-time artist - I thought you were! What else do you do? More importantly, where do you get the time?!

Lori said...

You are inspiring. I am holding the wish for you too that you become a full time artist and send joy into the world with your beautiful work. said...

Wow, beautiful stuff! And good for you for staying focused on what matters to you most. Thanks for posting.
It's hard enough in the arts but imagine if your calling was ... bull riding. Not exactly what any parent wants to hear, that's for sure.
Jeremy sent us a great story about sticking with his passion no matter what. There's a link to his video below. Hope you find it as inspiring as I do.