Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Yessss! A long weekend ahead... and the start of a new month :) I love new starts!

This weekend I'll be working a little bit and hopefully I'll go out to enjoy the fireworks.... And I'll keep this quote in my mind... This month I'll be working in create the life Iwant to live. That sounds cool, right?

Hope you have a safe and wondeful weekend.

See you on Monday!


L'Atelier said...

cool quote!
have a nice holiday weekend!!
we got friday as normal... see you on monday

Anairam said...

I think I am going to join you in creating! I do think of life is a type of art form ... Have a great weekend, Valentina!

{B} said...

I haven't commented it way too long. Just wanted to say hi and your creativity just grows and grows. Hope things are well for you! -Brie

aimee said...

great sentiment! love it!