Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Tree

This week word is FAMILY. I can talk hours and hours and hours about what my family means to me and how wonderful they are. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately if you don’t want to read my loooong ramblings!) I’m a little bit busy today… Soooo… this is my perfect drawing for FAMILY:

(NOTE: You can get your Family Tree Digital Kit, in my shop. Click here)

Fill up your own Family Tree! Or maybe I can start to create custom families tress.. I think I like this idea! ;)

I think you can always create you family tree with the names... or maybe you can do something more fun, like my personal family tree. What you think :) I *LOVE* these people very very very much (I didn’t put the picture of my little niece because she is only one year old and I'm not sure if his dad will like that!)

(NOTE: You can get your Family Tree Digital Kit, in my shop. Click here)

Happy weekend!!!


Veja cecilia said...

I had about the same idea as u for the family word but ended up with a tree filled with birds instead! Very nice to see your family:)

Anairam said...

A family tree! That is so clever and I love it! Also the fact that one can customize it. Maybe you should sell the template or prints of the blank tree so that people can use it in their own journals/photograph albums ... ?

aimee said...

it's awesome - i love how you filled it with pictures of your own family!

Melissa said...

I just discovered your blog through second spring. i look forward to exploring more


paula :: plays with mud said...

love this!

cindy : quaint said...

it's wonderful ... tweet, tweet ;)!

FruensWerk said...

G-sus...Why did I also miss this weekword from U...haha so sorry...I like your idea much :))))

Anonymous said...

Love purelove