Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mail in -Mail out

I have been working nonstop packing and shipping orders in the last days, and of course that makes me really happy!. Also, I’m spending every single free minute in original art work to make some original presents :) and I *LOVE* that too!
This is one of the pieces almost ready to go to her new place ;)

And I have been getting really cool stuff in the mail too… because is almost impossible to don’t buy things to yourself, right???
I bought this magnet here. You really have to go to Kal Barteski blog and shop.. She is AMAIZING. I’m going to buy more magnets and some mini prints before Friday!

I made a trade with Michelle Allen and I got this print yesterday…. Sooo cute! Love it! She is amazing too ;)

Now I have to jump to the kitchen because I decide to prepare a mushroom bisque , because I have been crazy obsess with that lately ;)
Have a great night and see you soon!

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Pilu said...

Oh how I love the elephant. Will that be able to purchase in your shop?